Daily Paintings
Creating one new painting every day has become a contemporary practice of many artists.  Although very few of these artists actually produce a new painting each and every day, the regular discipline required towards achieving such a goal encourages artists to experiment, explore, grow and develop in ways that might otherwise be inhibited by a focus on predominantly large-format works.  Art collectors worldwide have become intrigued by the results of these daily painting sessions and are recognizing that the small-format but high-quality paintings produced are an excellent way to build up their collections.

Like many of her peers, Janet B. Armstrong also produces "dailies".  However, the paintings shown here under her Daily Paintings heading are those produced in-studio during the most inclement winter months.  Other times of the year, Janet actively pursues plein air style (creating paintings on site, out of doors) and many of her plein airs are small-format and completed in one sitting, making them a type of daily. Janet's daily plein airs are filed by genre and most can be found under Landscapes, with an occasional one cropping up under Architecture or Street Scenes.  (For other small-format works, visit Tiny Treasures.)

As shown here, Daily Paintings by Janet B. Armstrong are 6” x 8” oils on linen board, priced at $225 (framed).

Leftover Lemon

#001 Leftover Lemon
One and Only Granny

#002 One & Only Granny
Posing Before Dinner

#003 Posing Before Dinner
Power Pepper

#004 Power Pepper

This lemon came in handy for my first Daily Painting which I painted in Canmore, AB at Liz Wiltzen’s Painting Studio.

This Granny Smith apple looked fabulous on red; good enough to eat. But first I had to paint it.

I purchased only these three items at the express line at Safeway. I handed the clerk my Safeway card and my Airmiles. Too Funny!

Last painting in workshop before returning to Calgary. I forced myself to power paint very fast, and it turned out not too bad.


#005 "M-I-C...K-E-Y"
Pub Stop

#006 Pub Stop
Summerside Mussels

#007 Summerside Mussels
Cliff Hangers

#008 Cliff Hangers

Couldn’t resist reaching up to my antique display shelf and taking this vintage Mickey down for a daily painting session.

As my daughter and I rode the double decker bus in NYC in 2009, we drove through the neighbourhood of Chelsea and passed this cute little red pub. We couldn’t stop for a Guinness on this trip, but I bet the guy on the bike did!

One evening in June in Summerside, PEI, my husband and I enjoyed a maritime feast ... starting with these guys. So colourful ... also delicious dipped in a little drawn butter. Yum.

Driving around Bowen Island, these trees caught my eye, just clinging to the rocky cliffs.

King Edward Bay

#009 King Edward Bay
Catch of the Day

#010 Catch of the Day
The Backroad

#011 The Backroad
Catch a Wave

#012 Catch a Wave

Our friends will be retiring to Bowen Island, out by these rocks, building a lovely cottage.                          SOLD

This Bowen Island gull was hanging out, waiting for the local fisherman to return with their catch of the day.

Driving around PEI, I detoured onto this road which led to a quaint little cottage connected to a small lighthouse. If I had more time, I would have set up my paints for more Plein Air.

Recently took a trip to San Francisco and enjoyed painting some waves in the Half Moon Bay Area.

Thawing Hedges

#013 Thawing Hedges
(Plein Air)
The Courtyard, CA

#014 The Courtyard, CA
(Plein Air)
Vintage Bubbles

#015 Vintage Bubbles

#016 Chiquita!

The weather was mild, the snow was melting...
A chance for some early season plein air.

Stanford Park Hotel, Palo Alto. Very early session, 5:45 a.m. Only the birds and one gardener were in the Courtyard at this time of day.

It is not often that an antique soda bottle is unopened! This was fun to paint with all the light changes and reflections.

Had a bite, then set this banana up to be the still life. Love the reflective colours on the banana peel.






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